Ready to sign up for the Marching Colonels?

Please fill out this form and go on your EKU Direct to sign up for the class: MUS 256 (10188).

  • $500 fall renewable scholarship award ($2000 over your time at EKU)
  • Priority registration for spring and fall classes (This is really important!)
  • Free early move-in (beat the rush!)
  • Built in support for helping students navigate their first year (academic, emotional, personal, health)
  • Free apparel you get to keep
  • Free food during gameday
  • Additional $500 spring renewable scholarship for pep band (totaling $4,000 over you time at EKU)
  • Leadership training opportunities for returning members
  • Elective (or major) course credit

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Marching Colonels

10. Traditions! Join the largest and loudest campus organization.
9. Half the rehearsals, twice the fun.
8. Beat the rush. Early dorm move-in.
7. Perform for 10,000 fans!
6. Earn $2,000 in scholarships to watch four years of football.
5. Free EKU gear and apparel!
4. Free food at every game!
3. No fundraising, ever!
2. 150 new friends before classes start
1. Crazy Colonel spirit: Byawww!

"I've truly enjoyed my experience as a Maroonette. It has helped me come out of my shell a little bit and has increased my confidence quite a bit! Come and join us!"
Tylah Gillespie
Majoring in Business & Technology
I love Music, it has always and will be my passion, EKU Marching Colonels will bring you in and treat you like family, You will be taught everything you need to know about music, you will also make friends that will know for the rest of your life.
Daniel Chaney
Baritone Player
Music Education Major
Marching Colonels is a great way to relieve the stress of classes and just play your heart out. It gives a new perspective of what you as a person and what a whole bunch of people can do with a like mind, and that’s something you’ll need to learn in life. It doesn’t matter if you’re perfect or even know anything about marching beforehand! Just play with spirit and forget the world for just a couple hours! That’s worth more than anything in the world when in college!
Jazmine D Aguilar
Flute Player
Majoring in Nursing